Carpet cleaning is a hassle. The deeper the carpet, the harder it gets to clean extensive messes. The problem worsens if a sticky material affects your carpet’s hygiene and looks. It may appear daunting, but it is completely removable. We can do it without causing severe harm by implementing the most suitable methods.

People fear for their carpet’s quality and any susceptible damage that may come with cleaning force. But you don’t have to worry about any of that! We have collected expert advice to help you thoroughly clean your carpet and retain its condition. 

  • Round the Supplies 

Gather everything you need for the process and begin the extensive cleaning process: 

  • Warm water 
  • Scrubbing brush 
  • White Vinegar 
  • Clean cloth or sponge 
  • Clean towels and a bucket
  • Do Patch Test 

Conducting a patch test is extremely important because we need to confirm whether the solution is suitable or will cause severe damage to the carpet texture and fibers. Apply a small amount to a hidden section of your carpet. In case the test fails, your carpet can remain usable, and the achieved results can be assessed. We are looking for shrinking, discoloration, breakage, and more signs that tell us the solution isn’t suitable. However, if none of this happens, time to create a better mixture. 

  • Prepare the Solution and Blot the Area

The carpet cleaning solution can be diluted based on the requirement, but we are mixing 60% water with 40% vinegar to ensure a smooth and safe application. You must combine the two in a bucket and swirl them to create a mixture.
For the next step, we must softly blot the targeted area to remove excess moisture and any harmful germs sticking to the point. After blotting the area, we can apply the prepared solution on the site. 

  • Apply the Solution Carefully 

We are not trying to flood the carpet with unwanted mixtures and rancid smells, so avoid pouring it. Instead, dip the towel in the mixture and put it on the spot. We avoid moisture so the sticky substance can be removed in a controlled environment, except for the mixture. Let the solution sit on the sticky residue to absorb and seep through the layers. You can start scrubbing after five minutes of this step as it’s ample enough time to work its magic. 

  • Scrub and Blot Again

We are using a soft-bristled brush to scrub away the grime. A hard or rough brush is not recommended because it can damage or permanently alter the condition of your carpet. Go with a soft scrubber, as it will help detach the residue from the carpet while retaining its surface texture. If this is a colorful residue, we can see the progress easily, but if it’s transparent or clear, you can see a layer of foam or key ingredient features being dissolved through the scrubbing. Moreover, since we are targeting a cleaning residue here, it won’t take a lot of force to come out and let go. Gentle with circular and back-and-forth motions can help work the mixture into the carpet.

After you are done scrubbing, blot again and again until you can see no sticky residue polluting the carpet and its fibers. 

  • Rinse it Out 

This is where we introduce the moisture. To ensure that all the mess has been resolved thoroughly, we must wash it out with clean water. This will prevent build-up and help the carpet not absorb the vinegar’s sour smell. It’s the final step of the cleaning routine, and we will cautiously remove everything from the targeted region by using a suitable amount of water pressure and rinsing force. 

  • Dry the Area and Look for Residue

We use a clean set of towels to dry the area, as leaving it to dry naturally can lead to infestation, pests, and moisture-driven insects. While slow drying is welcome, we must accelerate it by deeply blotting and absorbing enough water. A minimum amount of water that doesn’t damage the texture and layers of the carpet is the ideal state. While drying, look for any remains of the residue that were stubborn enough to survive the cleaning process. If you find any, repeat the scrubbing and rinsing until we are sure all has been flushed out. 

Don’t Forget to Vacuum

Now is the time for restoring and making the carpet look as good as new. This can be achieved by attentively vacuuming and fluffing up the fibers. This will give a dual effect of drying and maintaining. If you need additional care, contact professional carpet cleaning services to get desirable results. 

Or you can leave all this grimy process to us! Hire our experts for amazing carpet cleaning services in Huntsville, AL. At The Way Cleaning, we invest in the best techniques to give you clean and impressive carpets. Visit our website and get your quote today!